Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LG Officially Released World's First 3D Notebook

Good news for you fans of 3D technology (three dimensional). Because the South Korean electronics manufacturer, LG has recently announced to have officially launched a new notebook series is wrapped with 3D technology.

As quoted by CBN from Engadget, Tuesday (28 / 9) yesterday, Motorola has just announced the existence of a new notebook series is claimed as the world's first notebook that offers the experience cinematic-quality 3D Full HD.

Although to be able to enjoy full HD quality 3D technology in its consumer Motorola A510 the later still need to use special glasses, but still this is a major breakthrough in the world by LG notebooks.

Not only wrapped with only the 3D technology, the latest notebook from LG that was reportedly going to offer reliable performance and various other neat facilities.

It was admitted by LG because it is clear that the Motorola A510 will be equipped with Quad-Core Intel Core i7 840QM or 740QM, 1GB DDR3 memory (up to 4GB), 640GB hard drive, Blu-ray, Nvidia GeForce GT graphics card 425M, as well as screen Full HD 15.6-inch LED backlit display (1920 x 1080 pixels). With so obvious, that the Motorola A510 is perfect for you who likes to watch movies, play games, and various other activities smelling graphics.

But do not worry, for you who do not like the 3D view, you can still change it to normal display (2D) using TriDef software integrated in it. So, you can change the view from 2D to 3D or vice versa whenever you like.

As a complement, do not forget to also bind LG Motorola A510 with SRS TruSurround HD technology. Which, of technology that will deliver audio quality is very clear.

So far, there has been no definite information about the price that will be priced for the latest series notebook from LG that. So, we were not sure how much the selling price of Motorola A510.

In addition, to date we have not even managed to find information about availability in Indonesia. So that is not clear, too, when Motorola A510 would be visited the Indonesian market. To be sure, next October new Motorola A510 will be available to the market in South America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.


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