Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MSI Recommend 3D Sailing Notebook

notebook murah ,Do not want to miss from its competitors, who had already launched a notebook sail 3D (3 dimensional), reportedly secretly MSI also presents the latest notebooks equipped with a screen that the 3D technology.

As the information quoted by Electronista via Ubergizmo, Monday (8 / 11), MSI re-introduce the newest series notebooks with screens equipped with 3D technology.

MSI's 15.6-inch 3D CX620, which is made by MSI's latest notebook series that reportedly will be the first notebook equipped with a circular polarization technology.

Not only that, even MSI CX620 also reportedly will be presenting three display modes that can be tailored to the tastes, the standard 2D mode, automatic 2D to 3D, and 3D mode.

Reportedly, MSI CX620 will present you with two choices of processors, the Intel Core and Intel Core i5 i3. So that consumers can choose the type of processor will suit your needs and budget.

As for other specifications, reportedly the latest notebook models made by MSI were equally be wrapped with a Radeon 1GB, WiFi connectivity, HDMI out, and webcams.

But unfortunately, although MSI CX620 has been officially introduced, but until now MSI has not been willing to provide more detailed information about the availability in the market, detailed specifications, and also the price which will be priced for the latest notebook 3D sail it. So, we were not sure when presumably made by MSI's latest notebook series that will land on the market.


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