Friday, October 22, 2010

HP Release Tablet Windows 7,HP Slate 500 price USD 799

After so long only speculation, the Hewlett Packard HP finally officially released the Slate 500, Windows-based tablet 7 Professional. However, these tablets do not seem aimed at head to head with Apple iPad as expected so far.

Yes, like NOTEBOOK MURAH quoted from PCWorld, Friday (22/10/2010), HP Slate 500 seems to be more targeted to businesses. The price is quite expensive, $ 799, or about USD 7.1 million in the United States. In comparison, the iPad sale from USD 499.

Originally announced during early 2010, HP Slate would target the general consumer. However, this plan changed when HP acquired Palm. HP Slate then made more for the businessman was eventually planned for general consumer use WebOS from Palm.

If HP Slate 500 equipped with a variety of software to support the business, tablet-based WebOS more fun activities. HP spokesman explained, WebOS tablet will be released in 2011.

According to Carol Hess-Nickels, Director of Worldwide Business Notebook Marketing at HP's Personal Systems Group, HP Slate 500-based Windows 7 to be easily adopted in the enterprise. The existence of support VPN (virtual private network) make employees safe to connect to the corporate network.

HP Slate 500 will soon be marketed in the United States. But there is no information whether the later would sell globally.

Specifications HP Slate 500:

* Weight: 0.68 kg
* 8.9-inch screen is capacitive multitouch
* Resolution 1024 x 600
* VGA front camera
* 3-megapixel rear camera
* Wi-Fi
* 1.86 GHz Intel Atom processor Z540
* 64GB SSD
* Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator
* 1080p video
* HDMI port
* Battery 5 hours
* There are dock facilities and digital pen


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