Sunday, October 31, 2010

GenTouch, Tablet Android Touch Screen With Tilt Price

Price Android Archos tablet device is only about U.S. $ 200 (USD 1.8 million). But there is more advantageous tablets Android 7 inches only $ 150.

An iPad costs U.S. $ 500 Android Dell tablet 5 inches U.S. $ 550.

But according to K-Mart circulars obtained Engadget shows GenTouch78 Augen become one of the cheapest tablet.

In accordance with the manufacturer's specification sheet, this tablet has some features that are pretty solid with price levels as cheap as that.

This device runs with Android OS version 2.1 (slightly behind the Android 2.2, which began running the new Android smartphone).

GenTouch has a touch screen 7-inch 800x480 TFT display, plus a 800MHz processor, 256MB RAM, 2GB internal storage, memory card slot SD / MMC (to add a tablet with a 16GB storage capacity) and has support for Wi-Fi.

GenTouch media player that can play video files up to 720p (which should be reduced to its WVGA display) and the supporting text to read e-book, PDF, ePub, and HTML formats.

GenTouch product page claims that the device can also download the application from the Android Marketplace.

But Google's Android Marketplace is actually prohibit access to non-smartphones such as Android Archos tablets.

GenTouch78 Android will join an existing tablet for U.S. $ 550, Dell Streak, which comes with a GSM radio to call. The device was equipped with a fast processor 1GHz Snapdragon.

While 8GB Home Archos 7 tablets worth U.S. $ 200 (USD 1.8 million) to run Android old version (1.6) and ARM 9 processor running at 600MHz.


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